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A Christian organization formed nearly a decade ago in response to terrible atrocities committed during the Syrian civil war, Frontier Alliance International (FAI) has a foundation in the Gospel of the Kingdom and knowledge of God. Committed to providing medical relief, assistance in rebuilding, and life-saving response in conflict zones, Frontier Alliance International seeks to sustain humanitarian values in high-stress situations that can bring out the worst in humanity.

One of FAI’s foundational efforts is a counter-trafficking initiative that brings teams into situations where the culture encourages the exploitation of women and is sanctioned by religious leaders. A focus is on addressing sexual slavery head-on through rescuing and rehabilitating victims, as well as preventing worst-case scenarios from developing.

Another aspect of FAI’s multifaceted mission is Emmaus Online, a training program of the Emmaus Institute of Israel and Middle East Studies, that lasts nine months and is made available to anyone with the passion to make a difference. An option of shorter duration is the Emmaus Intensive, which sets in place “leadership literacies” for engaging proactively within a fast-evolving geopolitical reality. At the same time, the six-week course provides political, historical, theological, and religious context to a region in seemingly constant flux.

Frontier Alliance International can be easily accessed online, including through a dedicated app that provides the latest news and insights into FAI projects

Frontier Alliance International

Frontier Alliance International


Frontier Alliance International